The value is in the details

Small employer health plan options in Massachusetts can be hard to compare. Finding the right premium is one step, but to understand the total value of a health plan you need to take a look under the hood  —  network access, cost sharing, and what you really get in benefits for your premium dollar.

This free chart is a good example of how any decision about health benefit plans needs to be based on a solid understanding of how they compare.

PlanCompareQ4-2020 graphic

Download the chart

Check out this sample of the most popular plans in Massachusetts, updated for Q4 2020.

AllWays Health Partners compiled this worksheet for brokers to see how some of the most popular plans by membership in Massachusetts stacked up against one another.

Use this plan compare chart to:

  • Create a baseline for your own comparisons
  • Share key small employer plan differences with your clients
  • Decide with your clients how premium + access + benefits = total value

These select plans are based on the most popular 2019 plans in the market by reported membership. Benefit comparison completed in October 2020 using publicly available data and member materials. This is a sample of plans only. Premiums are based on a 39-year old individual and family living in Boston through a small employer. In each section, plans are listed from lower premium to higher premium.